Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wannabe Southpaw

Recently I posted about The Artist's Way by Cameron. In addition to the "Morning Pages" daily exercise, her site also recommends "The Artist's Date," a once weekly creative endeavor into something that interests you. "Think mischief more than mastery," the author notes. Now that's my kind of thinking!

I got into the spirit by practicing a rather superfluous skill -- training my non-dominant hand. One thing I always notice during movies or watching television shows is characters that are lefties. I find it to be so unique and interesting. (Did you know President Obama is a leftie?) Even more interesting is ambidexterity. I write a lot of long hand and use the computer constantly. This often leads to twinges and cramps in my dominant hand. Although frequent breaks, stretching, and a decent wrist brace help, how awesome would it be just to switch to my other hand whenever I needed a break? Talk about handy! (Hyuk hyuk!)

So for my "Artist's Date" today, I broke out my old Hello Kitty coloring book and a box of crayons and got back to basics.

I was in a summery mood!

I surprised myself with how well I did! A bit messy on the more complicated bits, but over all quite well. The process of coloring was so nostalgic. The smell of the crayons and the coloring page combined with the intense concentration it took to stay in the lines all took me back to the age of five. (Unfortunately, there was no nap time or scheduled snack time to offer a respite.)

I also did a handwriting page:

Basics indeed!

Not too shabby! I think with more practice I'll be on the road to ambidexterity.

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