Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bookish Love

As if I needed yet another reason to go on about books: It's National Book Week! This is a currently circulating Facebook meme which has taken off in other places. I've seen blurbs on many blogs and on book and reading devoted sites like Shelfari.

The meme reads as follows: "It's National Book Week! The rules: grab the closest book to you, turn to p. 56, post the 5th sentence as your status, and don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your status."

It's certainly true that most Facebook memes are silly, but this one had me well entertained, scrolling through countless status messages and trying to discern what books others were reading. Fiction or nonfiction? Is that a sci-fi term I see there? Oh my, what happens after that sentence??

At the time of my finding out about this meme, my contribution was: "Slender and red-haired."

Um? First of all, not actually a sentence! (But I counted using periods.) And I promise it wasn't a romance novel!

Status messages and the meaning of "sentence" aside:

I recently posted about the death of Diana Wynne Jones, one of my favorite childhood authors. I was touched to find that Neil Gaiman wrote fondly of her in his blog. It seems he thought of her as not only a dear friend, but as a mentor. It's always inspirational to read the personal stories of favorite authors, to see them as the people behind their works.

I've also recently stumbled upon some fascinating book art. There is much of it out there, with artists using the pages and shapes of books to create amazing works of art. Try searching for some on Google, the results are astounding.

This week I've seen two projects that go beyond the usual small page sculptures, including this massive book bed by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki. Imagine sleeping in this and letting your creative dreams run free! Check out the artist's website for more amazing projects and photography.

Let's try an even bigger book art: This mammoth statue was part of the "Walk of Ideas" exhibit in Germany. In addition to statues commemorating medicine and technology, this statue, devoted to modern book printing, was designed and displayed for the 2006 Fifa Cup. Read more and view the other sculptures on the Wikipedia page.

Books are usually little things. Carrying a paperback in the purse is simple, and you can get hundreds of books on the slim and tiny e-reader machines. But these images show that despite their small size, they carry, and inspire, big ideas.

Have you a favorite piece of book art or book inspired jewelry?

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