Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Gifts

Gifts are wonderful things. While I certainly don't mind the obligatory gifts at birthdays and Christmas, it's usually the other type of gift that ends up being the most memorable to me: the unexpected, surprise gift that says, "I saw this and thought of you."

This type of gift says that you've become such a part of someone else that the littlest things brings you to mind. And if the gift truly fits, then it says just how much of you they've come to understand.

I have received two surprise gifts this week, each of them wonderfully suited to me.

The first was from my mother-in-law, a pen shaped like a paintbrush dipped in purple paint. The ink the pen writes in is also purple. It goes so well with my current journal, which is unlined and decorated on its cover with calligraphy.

A pen for painting prose!

I was surprised to find that it writes very well, unlike some novelty pens. The ink flows smoothly and using such a creative and artistic tool is a delight.

The second was from The Spouse: a blue glass mug.

Tea time.

He bought me this because I've coveted my mother's glass mug ever since we got her one for her birthday. The reason was twofold: 1) Being able to see the liquid inside is very nice, and 2) unlike a ceramic mug, the glass mug doesn't stain from repeated use. Being an avid tea and coffee drinker (if the mug visible in the first photo weren't an indicator), I have many mugs of all shapes and sizes. I love them all, but over time they tend to look dingy on the inside. Not so with the glass mug! And now I have my very own. The glass mug also looks quite elegant holding cold drinks, such as the iced coffees I adore.

Both of these gifts came without warning, and I think it was the casual nature of their giving combined with the way in which they made it clear these two people understood me so well that made them that much more special. Tiny things, they will do much to inspire a lot of writing for days to come.

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