Monday, May 2, 2011

April Showers Bring May Creative Projects

Let's hear it for the end of April! I'm happy to report that yours truly managed to complete both April writing challenges, the Poem-a-Day Challenge (The results? More Seuss than Frost I'm afraid) and Script Frenzy (At least it didn't turn into a musical halfway through!).

April's going to be no less engaging. On my agenda I've got the Story-a-Day Challenge, a month long endeavor to write a story every day of the month! Create your own goals when it comes to genre and length, but each story should be all inclusive; each day you participate, that day's story should be started and finished on that day, rather than adding on smaller chapters or scenes to one longer project. I'm going to use this opportunity to go through some of the writing prompt books I've accumulated over the years and use them as fertilizer for short stories. This challenge is going to help me do something I've been meaning to do for years: Create a stockpile of short stories.

Side by side with SAD, I'm also going to be utilizing the writing methods outlined in Karen Wiesner's writing book, First Draft in 30 Days. Wiesner's method involves creating a detailed and formatted outline before doing any writing. The book will attempt to guide me, in a series of steps and stages, through the process of planning and brainstorming a completed outline so comprehensive, it serves as a first draft.

There are lots of other May projects out there, like SoFoBoMo and NaPiBoWriWee! Doesn't sound like English anymore, I know, but both of these image inspired challenges will get those creative flowers growing. Solo Photo Book Month is a great one for photographers, where you'll compile your photography projects into a completed book. Meanwhile, National Picture Book Writing Week challenges writers to complete a picture book in just seven days.

My mom's attempting a new project of her own: miniature gardening. These little pots are so adorable, and I'm looking forward to the herbs and mini tomatoes they'll yield once they're all grown up.

Check out this ambitious little guy!

What do you have in store for May? Why not try one of the projects above, or be like my mom and give gardening a try. May is for flowers (and creative projects), after all!

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