Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Creative Gifts for Mom

My mom is super creative, and loves trying new things. She's taught herself how to sew and how to garden. She works on expanding her vocabulary every week. She taught me to crochet. Her most recent creative attempt: miniature herb gardening. With this approaching mother's day, I decided to seek out gifts that would inspire her to new creative endeavors.

Here are my top Mother's Day gifts for inspiring the creative mom:

Green Thumb Mom

Spring calls up images of secret gardens and blossoms in sunshine. Gardening is a good way to get gentle exercise. Get your mom outdoors and into the dirt with gardening tools she'll love. Try making a gift basket using a flower pot and fill it with potting soil and seeds. You could also hunt up a miniature herb garden like my mom's. Purchases of this feminine and handy set of gardening tools also helps to fund breast cancer!

Artsy Mom

Help mom channel her inner Picasso. I love this old school wooden artist palette set, but your mom might prefer chalks or pencils. Supplies or a nice case to hold everything should thrill her. Artists are always in need of new canvasses. Or for the beginning artist, consider purchasing tickets for a beginner's artist class through your local crafts store or community college.

Writer Mom

Does your mom love waxing sentimental or penning poems? Consider one of the many gorgeous journals out there, such as this Etsy gem by artreasury. This with a new set of pens could inspire any aspiring Austen or Dickens. Other writerly gifts include a collector's edition of her favorite book, writer's software (such as Scrivener) or a writing desk. Help her remember to backup her work by getting her a cute flash drive, and fuel her writing with a new mug packed with her favorite coffee or tea.

Iron Chef Mom

Perhaps your mom prefers playing the mad scientist in the kitchen, whipping up new concoctions? (Mine is into inventing new types of smoothies these days.) Feed her inner Julia Childs with some novelty kitchen tools, like this Pac-Man potholder. Maybe she's been longing for a high-tech kitchen gadget, paint her kitchen a new color to really surprise her. If she loves high quality ingredients but never indulges in them, this is a perfect time to get her that really expensive baking chocolate or high class cooking wine.

Moms work hard, and after a certain age, a smudged finger-painting or an inkblot of your hand print just won't cut it. Help your mom pursue her own creative artistry with a fun and inspiring gift. And whatever you choose, don't forget an interesting card to go along with it, like this Zombie Mom card by monkeyminion. Because nothing says love like a bowl full of fresh brains.

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