Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gifts for Grads

It's time to break out the caps and gowns and get ready to march! Graduation is an exciting time, not just for the grads, but also for family and friends. And whether it's a tiny kindergartener, high school student, or college academic, every grad loves recognition for their hard work and studious efforts. It's only fitting that The Spouse is graduating from basic training around the same time.

Graduation is about stepping through the doorway to THE FUTURE. A phase in life has ended and the graduate has emerged, smarter and stronger. THE FUTURE spreads out before them and opportunities are there for the taking.What a perfect time to encourage creative pursuits! Maybe your soon-to-be first grader has shown a penchant for drawing, or your collegiate-in-the-making has been rehearsing nonstop for American Idol. Whatever their passion, whatever their age, acknowledge those creative passions with a gift that motivates and encourages.

The key to these gifts is movement. Self-contained kits make it easy for children to clean up and take their supplies from place to place. College students will appreciate not having to deal with bulky items and having a place to store their materials. Think of these gifts as all inclusive tool boxes for creativity.

The Brave Little Tailor

Textiles, sewing, fabric art! Maybe your grad's got big plans to become the next big fashion designer, or maybe they just love repairing and personalizing kitchen towels. The La Petite Embroidery Kit by Sublime Stitching comes with everything they need to get started, all sized to fit in a tiny tote bag. Consider also: interesting fabrics, pattern books, and mini sewing machines.

The MacGuyver

Does your artist have a scattering of supplies? Maybe they're hoarding everything from buttons to brass brads to little scraps of string and paper, waiting for the next big idea to strike. Help them contain the chaos with a crafts storage system. This tote is sturdy, has plenty of pockets, and a handle for mobility. A set of glass mason jars is an old-fashioned and charming way to store craft bits and bobs. This type of crafter would also benefit from a good working space. This hobby desk has hooks, storage drawers, and plenty of space for creating.

The Da Vinci

For the artist on the go, this treasure chest houses all their supplies and includes a fold up easel and carrying tote. I also love this portable wooden easel complete with storage drawers and paint palette. And any artist could use more mobile ways to carry their craft around. The famous Moleskine company makes gorgeous sketchbooks with covers done by famous artists like Van Gogh, great for drawing just about anywhere or jotting down ideas.

Don't forget to get creative with the wrapping! Consider plain white paper and have all the grad's friends sign the outside, or use their least favorite essays and old homework assignments as wrapping to remind them of all their hard work. If you're a grad yourself, consider indulging in your favorite creative passion with new supplies or some time to work on a long put off project. You've earned it!

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