Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I love Mexican food. You guys have no idea. Nachos, burritos, quesadillas, all of them are so delicious. My husband (who's half Mexican himself) can attest: I'll make up any reason to get us to our favorite Mexican restaurant or whip up some favorite Mexican dishes at home. "Hey, it's your father's birthday! Let's celebrate his heritage." "Wow, you filed the taxes? Great job! Let's get Mexican food!"

It's no surprise then that I was super excited about today. Finally, a legitimate excuse!

In addition to all those tasty tacos you'll be consuming, why not try a few new recipes? YumSugar has got 10 Magnificent Margarita recipes just waiting to be mixed and blended (not to mention sipped and slurped). How about watermelon or blackberry and thyme? And don't forget dessert. SweetSugarBelle whipped up these incredible cookies that look just like real chips and salsa!

Even if you're not into Mexican food, there are ways to add a little touches of that flair to your day today. If you usually go for mild, try something spicy. Mexicali clothing is a gorgeous and easily wearable trend (like these lovely items from Old Navy).

You could also tap into that inner child and bust up a pinata. Now, I know what you're thinking. Paper mache, ugh! Instead, think outside the box. A shoebox or cereal box are a perfect vehicle, and easy to decorate. Think colorful wrapping paper or magazine cutouts. And for the inside, skip the candies and little plastic toys. Some good grownup fillers include scratch-off lottery tickets, mini coffee packets, travel sized toiletries, and plenty of other things that can easily be found at your local dollar store.

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