Saturday, July 30, 2011

Projects for August

Did July fly by for anyone else? I can't believe it's already August. Time for back-to-school shopping and those last few trips to the beach. The dollar store near me even has Halloween decor out, although at over 90 degrees, the weather's way too hot to think about crispy fall weather.

August is going to be packed full for me. I'm moving across the country at the end of the month to finally join The Spouse after 4 months apart. I'm probably nuts to take on creative projects during a move, but actually I feel like these creative exercises are what keep me sane and help me stay focused on what's really important to me during crazy times.

And it seems like I'm not the only one. Summer itself inspires creative projects galore (I bet in large part due to having the kids at home) and the Internet seems full of creative challenges for August. If I had to guess, I'd say it's due to a season wrap up. We're all squeezing in a last bit of summer while also getting ready for fall and (le gasp!) approaching holidays.

With so many projects out there, it can be hard to choose! Here are three I'm going to be diving into this month:

Projects for August


[via Oh So Lovely]
 Mastermind Sherry at Oh So Lovely invites one and all to join her on a daily photo challenge this month. A perfect opportunity to go nuts with Instagram on my iPhone, muahaha! Check out the initial post and the follow up post for the deets.


 From the creators of NaNoWriMo comes Camp NaNoWriMo. Think of it NaNoWriMo Lite. Standard rules apply: one month, 50k words, but with a distinctive summer flavor (that means s'mores analogies and plenty of encouragement to take your laptop into the woods OR build your own tent in the living room). This July marked its inception, and I'm so thrilled to be among the first to participate in this expansion of the NaNoWriMo program. Why wait for November when I can novel away the blistery hot summer days? I'll be basing my August novel on a vivid dream I had a few weeks ago. Head over to the website to sign up and learn more.


I love the stitchalong projects at feeling stitchy. This time they've got something extra special: a craftalong inspired by the iconic Swedish dalahäst (dala horse). How fun! How multicultural! And right on time for me. I've been itching to break out the fabrics. Maybe a felt horse with embroidery? Learn more about this culturally significant equine on Wikipedia, and check out the feeling stitchy post for more info and links about the project. 
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And although I won't be participating, I will be checking on the progress of Just Crafty Enough's Project Project Runway Challenge. Perfect for (miniature) fashionistas! I also need to do a lot of redesign for the blog (It's looking so bare right now!) and flesh out some of my concept sketches. Oh yeah, and pack. Can't forget to pack. (I can just envision the moving guys arriving to find me sitting amongst unpacked boxes, muttering to them to "just hold on a second" while I type away furiously to add to my NaNoWriMo daily word count.)

Yeah, I think that's enough on my plate. What's in store for you this August? Back to school shenanigans? Shopping for fall weather? My biggest concern this month: Having so much fun with these projects that I forget to pack up for the move!

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