Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Spooktacular Contest Winner!

I stumbled upon Elizabeth Briggs' site through the Twitterverse. Amidst pictures of her adorable dogs and posts about writing advice, I noticed she was throwing a Halloween short fiction contest. I balked at first. The usual combination of nerves and doubts. But I pushed myself to write, coming up with a couple of short pieces. In the end, I submitted the one I felt to be most "complete."

And I won! I'm so excited to have an opportunity to share my work with an agent. I'm really grateful to Liz for hosting this contest. Was it the cute pics of her dogs that acted as my muse that day? I like to think so.

Click here to read my entry and all of the other amazing submissions. Be sure to poke around Liz's site. There's some great stuff for writers, readers, and dog lovers!

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