Friday, November 4, 2011

November Noveling: Word Sprints & Authors Who Heart NaNoWriMo

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I mentioned before how I get a little... strange during NaNo. I try not to let it get out of control. That means keeping my regular sleeping hours, having balanced, regular meals and hydration, getting exercise, and not letting the house turn into a cobweb resort. Oh, and not letting NaNo-related topics be the only thing that comes out of my mouth every time The Spouse and I have a conversation. But it's to be expected that, in a month-long endeavor, there will be setbacks and unexpected stumbles.

That said, it was completely worth it staying up way too late last night, even though the consequences included waking up late, throwing the entire day off schedule, and having to consume instant noodles for lunch. The sprints last night were as epic as they get. To join the chaos, follow @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter for word prompts and timed sprints all month long. If you're going solo, try Write or Die by Dr. Wicked, a program that forces you to sprint for a certain amount of time or until you reach your goal.

The thing that really encourages me during NaNoWriMo is the love it gets from authors. If you scroll through the list of Author Pep Talks on the NaNo website, you'll be starstruck at the incredible list of writers who support this writing adventure. Piers Anthony, Neil Gaiman, Meg Cabot, Mercedes Lackey, just to name a few! (Brandon Sanderson is on the list this year. I had a total fangirl moment when I saw that. Squeeing was involved.) Mary Robinette Kowal has an open invitation to join her for write-ins, and Scott Westerfeld has tons of tips for NaNo-ers. With such amazing support, I have no room for self-doubt!

Keep on trucking, NaNo-ers! The first weekend draws nigh!

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