Friday, November 18, 2011

Writer Zombie & Weekend Wrap Up: 11-18-11

This week in haiku:

have devolved into
a NaNoWriMo zombie
cold, hungry, lurching

Entering the last phase of NaNoWriMo is the toughest part for me. By now I'm starting to think ahead to December and wrapping up my other year long projects. Sentences are turning into filler, the outline stops making sense, and characters are starting to contemplate mutiny.

The lesson, for me, is that it's not always apparent that you're in a rut until you take a step back. Turning into a writing zombie does nothing for my creativity.

When you do step back, you'll see the warning signs of writer zombie status. Mine include:

- Not realizing I haven't eaten until my stomach is making sounds like Chewbacca
- Not realizing that my background music stopped 30 minutes ago
- Having to check the date three times before it sinks it what day/time it is
- The scene I was writing really did start turning into Island of the Blue Dolphins. I realized this when some small, still sane part of my brain drew back in horror from the lengthy depictions of spear fishing and net weaving.

Definitely signs that it's time for a bit of a break from the WIP! This is a good time to engage in some "refilling the well." For me, that usually means reading a book in a completely different genre and unplugging from the Internet for a day. That last one's a toughie, but also one of the best. It's also a good time for an Artist's Date (suggested by creative guru Julia Cameron) which involves exploring something new of interest. In the past, I've done collages with magazine images or painted or flexed some simple creative muscles but anything creative and new works. Maybe trying a new recipe or a writing prompt.

Do you have some warning signs that maybe it's time for a break?

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