Friday, December 30, 2011

2012, Here I Come!

The new year draws nigh! Some people are likely tired of lists by now, what with all the top ten this and top five that. But as a devout list lover, I can't get enough of reading them and making plenty of my own.

2011 was super eventful: I completed my Master's Degree, I moved to Chicago, and to end the year on a high note:

I'm so thrilled that my name is going to be in one of my favorite writing resources!

With this as motivation, I set out to make a new list of reading/writing goals for 2012. I've learned that successful goal-keeping involves:

- Concrete, measurable goals

It's not enough to say "I shall write everyday," for it's all too easy to let myself off the hook after composing a blog post or jotting a few notes. Instead, I want to cement firm goal lines, such as 2000 words per day and 3 blog posts per week.

- Holding yourself accountable/keeping track of progress

Teachers are spot on with their sparkly star stickers and end of the week homework certificates. I've tried daily calendar markers and grading scales for weekly progress, but I find that what works best for me is daily reflection and diary keeping. As such, I shall use a special journal for this, which I am only allowed to open once my daily writing goals are met.

- Knowing thyself 

There are some things that will distract me without fail. Twitter, online shopping, reruns of The Vampire Diaries, and so on. Knowing these triggers and making sure that I have failsafes and standbys on hand to deal with them will help me accomplish more with fewer interruptions and less procrastination.

[Gretchin Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, has an excellent article on making resolutions that stick. Her blog is a great resource for people who, like me, are very goal oriented.]

Enough gobbledygook. TO THE LIST!

2012 Reading & Writing Resolutions

  • Read 100+ books
  • Ask 10 friends for book recommendations, read them
  • Read 5+ sci-fi books
  • Read 5+ nonfiction books
  • Attend a writing/reading conference/convention
  • Write 24+ short stories
  • Submit 10+ short stories to contests/competitions
  • Blog 2-3x/week
  • Each month, establish daily, weekly, & monthly writing goals
  • Keep a writing diary
  • Develop, draft, edit, revise, & complete 3+ WIPs
  • Submit 2+ works to agents
I also have some boring, non-writing resolutions, yanno, like, exercising and voting.

I'm sure some of you will be posting your own 2012 Resolutions or, just as likely, posting a post about why you DON'T make resolutions. Either way, I look forward to reading them. Happy New Year!

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