Monday, January 30, 2012

february 2012 to do

Eeks, I can't believe January is already over! Seems like I was just writing my New Year Rezzies.

I'm really looking forward to February. I've got three birthdays and Valentine's Day, plus a new creative project. If you enjoy getting true to life mail, there's still time to sign up for the LetterMo Challenge. I can't wait to get started with my letter writing.

I didn't quite hit the target word count for my WIP, but I think it's time to let it marinade on the back burners for a bit. I'll approach it again in a few weeks with fresh eyes. In the meantime, I have some new ideas to brainstorm.

february to do
  • participate in LetterMo
  • read 8 books
  • paper craft some postcards
  • celebrate vday w/n
  • celebrate n's bday
  • send bday gifts to mom1 & mom2
  • wip "velvet"
  • try 2 new recipes
    • tuna & tomato pasta
    • chocolate chip banana muffins
  • review writer's market guide
  • buy girl scout cookies
  • do a book swap
  • go on a facebook/twitter fast

january review
  •  try a new recipe
    •  bake popovers
  •  play in the snow
  •  read 8 books
  •  try a new kind of tea
  •  change house decor
  •  write to pen pals
  • WIP: "Jack"
  •  complete writing agenda for the year
  •  plan blog entries
  •  try out new journaling app
  •  internet "diet" plan

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