Friday, January 20, 2012

foto friday & internet dieting: 1/20/12

What I did during the internet blackout:

tried new recipes

pen & paper journaling

paper crafting - valentine's day

All in all, it was a nice, low key kind of day. It helped that I've been on a kind of internet "diet" recently.

And it's been great. Restricting my internet helps me tap back into reality, not to mention my creativity. I even finally started re-refining my html skills. (You'll notice I'm not using the GoodReads widgets anymore.) I say "re"-refining because I used to love doing HTML and BBcode, but modern blogging platforms do just about everything for you. I'd forgotten how fun it is to tweak my blog by hand.

It kind of got me thinking that I want to reduce the time I spend online. I read a lot of blogs, check my Twitter feeds, loop back around to Facebook, and then it starts over again. The problem is that there's instant gratification. {*click* something new *click* something interesting *click* something fun} Sometimes I feel like a mouse pressing a lever for cheese.

So today I went through and trimmed off any blogs or Twitter follows that I felt ho-hum about. You know the ones, you kind of just scroll through without actually reading them, but somehow it's too much a hassle to actually remove them.

I feel lighter and better already. That along with my continued internet dieting is going to help keep me focused and grounded.

And it's going to keep me writing. Can't forget the writing.

What do you do when you're not on the internet?

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  1. I like to write by hand when I'm not on the Internet. And I need to turn the Internet off more often!

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