Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012: Starting the Year Off Right

The best feeling with which to start out the new year: Shopper's Remorse, i.e. I may have gone just a teensy bit overboard with the post-holiday book sales shopping.

But I know you guys will back me up on this one.


I was lucky to snag this one from Pam and Quita over at Y(A)? Cuz We Write! Thanks, ladies <3

Seriously, though, I CANNOT buy any more books for at least a month. (sob!) But I'll have plenty to read while my bank account nurses its wounds.

Bank Account: Why you got to do me like this?
Me: You just don't understand me. You're so inflexible. I HAVE NEEDS.

January To Do

  • rework budget
  • try a new recipe
  • play in the snow
  • read 8 books
  • try a new kind of tea
  • change house decor
  • write to penpals
  • WIP: "Jack"
    • full outline drafts + supplementals
  • complete writing agenda for the year
  • plan blog entries
  • try out new journaling app

December Review:
  •  Complete 3 craft projects
  •  Complete Reading Challenge for the year
  • Write 12+ short stories
  •  Organize writing toolbox
  • Organize short story collections
  •  Self-study writing resources
  •  Decorate house
  •  Stock up on essentials + emergency items
  •  Send cards + gifts to family
  •  Go shopping
  •  Attend 1+ holiday get together
  • Play in the snow
  •  Spend a day in the city
  •  Plan out and execute holiday dinner
  • Create 2012 calendar
  •  Plan out goals for 2012 (personal, business, writing/creativity)
  • Plan out tentative blog schedule
  •  Call the Mothers
  •  Design new blog header
  •  Have a movie marathon
  •  Have a gaming marathon

Hope your 2012's are starting out great!

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