Monday, February 6, 2012

5 (tiny) Blogs I ❤

HOLLA CANADA! My fellow writer/reader Jaime Morrow has passed me an award:

The award is for small blogs (< 200 followers) that you feel deserve a peek. How sweet!

Be sure to check out Jaime's blog where she talks about writing and reading and living life. CANADIAN STYLE.

Now it's my turn: I'm passing the award on to five small blogs I ❤

  1. Rick Lipman @ coffee. life. love. - Hilarious and honest, and great if you're looking for more authors who talk about "writing the others." Did I mention he's hilarious? I mean, this is the guy who wrote The YA Paranormal Drinking Game!
  2. Tarah Dunn - I just love her Cranky Divorcee series. Snarkalicious!
  3. YA Warehouse - This isn't just another YA-centric dishing blog. Think of it more like a fellow writerly BFF who gets sidetracked a lot by music and funny things. 
  4. Friday the Thirteeners - A small group of authors whose books are debuting in 2013. Read along as they confess, dish, and play truth or dare! 
  5. The Lucky 13s - Same as above, but more writerly crafting and author interviews focused. 
So what are you waiting for? Go check 'em out and get reading!

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  1. Holla (back) USA! :-) I'm checking out your fave blogs right now.

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