Wednesday, February 29, 2012

march 2012 to do

    march to do
  • try a new flavor of tea
  • wip: "jack" - rewrite
  • read 8 books
  • go through books
    • donate to charity
  • go through clothes
    • donate to charity
  • go through misc. house items
    • donate to charity
  • resume daily walks
  • go to bed & wake up at consistent times
  • try new recipes
  • review writer's market & digest
  • have a gaming marathon w/Spousebot
  • go shopping

    february review

  •  participate in LetterMo
  •  read 8 books
  •  paper craft some postcards
  •  celebrate vday w/n
  •  celebrate n's bday
  •  send bday gifts to mom1 & mom2
  •  wip "velvet"
  • ✔ new recipes
    •  tuna & tomato pasta
    •  chocolate chip banana muffins
    •  nutella muffins
    •  broccoli & cheese soup
    •  braised short ribs
  • review writer's market guide
  •  buy girl scout cookies
  • do a book swap
    • I donated a bunch to charity instead
  •  go on a facebook/twitter fast


  1. I like the idea of a montly to do list ^_^ Good luck getting it all done!

    1. Thanks! Being so goal-oriented is both a gift and a curse. ^.~

    2. I'm sure. Sometimes I'm way too chilled out for my own good ^^;

  2. These are excellent goals! I am severely goal-oriented as well (haha that makes it sounds like a disease) so I know how you feel. :)

    1. That's not an entirely inaccurate way of describing it. ;)

  3. Those are some awesome goals! You can do it!

    1. With you cheering for me, Liz, I CAN DO ANYTHING

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