Friday, March 16, 2012

fun friday: links and mail and a puppy dog tail

I've been so busy this week! But it's not from gaming, it's because of this girl:

Meet our house guest, Maui! She's a 7-month old Australian Shepard. She's a friendly and happy dog. I'm having a lot of fun playing and taking care of her, but she has so much energy that it's a lot of work, too. My word count hasn't gone up in days. But the weather is so beautiful right now, it's hard to complain when I have to take her out to play.

In other news, I won a set of gifts from Cupcakes Craft via Super Cute Kawaii:

The package contained a bag, two pens, a notebook, and stickers. There was also a ring and a bracelet in the bag. The ice cream cone pen has a lip gloss top. Such cute goods! Check out the Cupcakes Craft website for more adorable items. Also take a look at the Super Cute Kawaii site for a "daily dose of handmade cuteness and Japanese kawaii."

This weekend I want to try and do at least a little writing and I have some new recipes to try. The Spousebot and I also have a gaming date. Maui and I will do our best!


  1. Thanks for the Super Cute Kawaii link! I think I want everything!

  2. Aw what a cute dog. I don't blame you for not writing!

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