Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may 2012 to do

Ouch, I didn't even come close to finishing Script Frenzy this year. I guess all of those sick days really add up!

Speaking of writing challenges, are any of you doing Story a Day May? It's a month long challenge to write a story every day of the month. The story can be any length as long as it's "complete." I tried it out last year. It was a good opportunity to go through one of the many books of writing prompts I have lying around. I won't be participating this year, but I do hope to pen at least one short story this month.

I also hope to keep up with my art goals and open my online shop this week. I'm going to be posting updates for those over on my Tumblr, and leave this blog for writing and daily life. (Although I will still post the occasional drawing here, just for fun~) If you're interested, please consider following me on Tumblr.

I didn't get nearly as many goals done in April as I would've liked, so let's make May an extra productive month!

    may 2012 to do
  • write & submit a short story
  • shop
    • launch
    • update -> 12 items
      • 8 reg
      • 4 LE
  • scheduling
    • blog
    • tumblr
    • fb/twitter
  • go on a shopping trip
  • donate all unwanted house items
  • fb page
  • start a new sketchbook


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