Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pencil & paper

I'm a high-tech kind of gal. I've got Apple products, I'm a multi-platform/console gamer, I'm into photo editing. It's safe to say I'm pretty into gadgetry.

But there are some things that I still do the old school way.

Outlining is one of them. Whenever I get caught up in a new story idea, I whip out a plan old composition notebook and start scribbling. And when it comes time to plan out scenes, I get out the trusty index cards and a pencil. Not even a mechanical pencil, you guys. One of those you have to sharpen.  (The pencil pictured here was sent to me by a NaNoWriMo pal last year!)

But I love the scritch-scratch feel of it across the paper or using the eraser to change around the chapter headings.

Are there any old school methods you still use in your writing process?


  1. I know how you feel! I do most of my writing on the computer, but almost all of my planning is done in a spiral notebook. I carry that notebook with me and jot down notes until I have enough for a novel. Only then do I go on the computer and type up my notes so that I can make a coherent outline, and that's only because it's easier to go back in and add in a note that I forgot on paper than it is on paper. I haven't tried index cards yet, though I think I might for my next project. :)

    1. I'll admit, sometimes I don't even have index cards. I'll take plain notebook paper and cut it up into little slips!


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