Thursday, September 20, 2012

victory and lessons learned

Yesterday I found out that my short story, "Lucky Strike," took 5th place in the Writer's Digest 81st Annual Competition for the Children's/YA Category!

This is all kinds of happy-making. It's really the boost I need to work even harder on my writing projects.

When I think back to my stories that have earned recognition, I can see some common elements: They tend to be simpler, focusing on key emotions and situations. The climax includes something unexpected. And the viewpoint is strongly colored by the protagonist. I think these are three good things to keep in mind for my future manuscripts!

The photo for this post is how I was at the moment I got the congratulatory email. It took a little over a month for my household goods to arrive. (They arrived today!) In the meantime, this was my writing station: an air mattress, a notebook, a pen, and my iPad, in an otherwise empty house.

It's easy to let myself get distracted by sprucing up my writing space or compiling a perfect playlist or convincing myself that I NEED to trek down to the coffee house. 

I want to be able to look back and recall this moment, and remind myself that all I really need to write is myself and the words. 

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  1. Those are three good things to keep in mind! Congratulations and good post. :)

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