Sunday, January 27, 2013

LetterMo 2013

Last year I participated in LetterMo and so enjoyed the experience. Letter writing was my main form of communication with the Spousebot while he was finishing his Navy training. Writing to him not only kept us in touch, but gave me a way to confide my emotions and everyday occurrences. Plus, I was overjoyed to learn that he received each letter with overwhelming happiness. 

This year, I'll be combining LetterMo with some card and gift giving. It's Valentine's Day in the U.S., after all! I've also got more than few birthdays coming up. There are also a few far-flung friends I've been meaning to write. 

And I don't need to tell YOU that this is a great excuse to buy some awesome stationery. 

For more deets, head over to the Month of Letters Challenge website

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