Thursday, January 31, 2013

taking a break

It's time for my annual Internet Vacation! Last year I gave up the internet for a week and enjoyed the time away from all things virtual. This year it will happily coincide with a much needed romantic getaway with the Spousebot. (We don't travel for the holidays or during the summer. Instead, we take mini-holidays during those in-between times, kind of like spring break and fall break.) I'm looking forward to sun-drenched days spent with the fella I fell for~

I think half the fun of travel (or any special occasion) is the days leading up to it. (Gretchen Rubin calls this the 'Anticipation' Stage, Stage 1 of the Four Stages of Happiness.) I love picking out outfits and packing days ahead of time, looking online for venues and making checklists of restaurants I have to visit, making reservations. Just thinking about it gets me excited.

With one week for vacation and another at home, what will I be doing without the internet? Last year, I used the time to organize all my digital photos and music. This year, I've got books on my mind. I've been slooowly getting through two reads, so I hope to carve out large chunks of time to get through them. I also want to get some spring cleaning done and it's about time to go through the personal library and wardrobe to find some goods to donate.

I look forward to catching up with all of my favorite writers and bloggers when I return. Until then, ciao~!

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