Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[my writing life] gamify my writing: word sprints & dice

To refresh my writing brain and learn new skills, I've been reading a lot of craft books and scoping out author blogs. I'll be sharing some of my favorites soon. Today, I want to share another way to gamify writing.

This week: Word Sprint Dice

Standard word sprints entail choosing an amount of time (ten minutes, twenty minutes, etc.) and writing nonstop, typically using a timer.

To add a dash of the excitement, I combined timed word sprints with dice rolls. 

Here's a sampler from the Spousebot's collection. Mixed sets can be bought in game shops, your local comic book store, or online. (I love this pink set!) You probably have some six-siders already at home from board games.

A few ideas:
  1. Roll one die, write for that number of minutes. 
  2. Roll one die, multiply by 10 or 100, write that many words. (Ex: Rolling a 6 = 600 words)
  3. Roll two dice, the first being the number of minutes, the second being the word count goal. (Ex: In the picture below, I'd write for 16 minutes, with the goal being 400 words)
  4. Roll two dice, the first being the minutes you sprint, the second being the minutes you break. (Ex: In the picture below, I'd sprint for 16 minutes and then take a 4 minute break)
  5. Create a list of scene ideas. (Ex: Guy walks in with a gun; Lead character reveals a secret) Use the dice to randomly choose which one to use.

For timers, I love the one on my phone, which I usually combine with the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare, or my trusty R2D2 kitchen timer

Happy sprinting!

Gamify My Writing
two | word sprint dice
three | TBD

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