Saturday, December 27, 2014 dec 2014

3 memories

  • the tree project: the candy tree didn't pan out, so the spousebot & I collaborated on a new tree project. he constructed a huge cardboard cutout and I did the decorating. it came out tall and gorgeous!
  • travel prep: for me, the prep and anticipation add to the excitement. currently, i'm taking fridge inventory and trying on traveling outfits.
  • exchanging gifts: i got the sims 4 (eek!) from the spousebot and I added to his ever growing and increasingly eclectic tshirt collection.

2 obsessions

  • sweatpants: they're just the best ❤
  • the spotify bollywood workout station: this station has been powering my runs all this month

1 looking forward to

  • downtime: we'll have a few days rest at home after our upcoming travel plans. looking forward to some r&r at home with the spousebot. 

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