Monday, December 1, 2014 nov 2014

3 memories

  • nanowrimo & a new project: didn't finish my nanowrimo novel this year, but i had a good time. as always, it's about giving myself the time and practice i need to master the craft of writing. i'm deep in the outlining phase of my new project and looking forward to getting into it.
  • new pokémon: snagged copies for me and the spousebot. so fun playing it together!
  • making a tree: spending hours putting tiny pieces of tape while snacking on holiday treats. pics to come or check out my instagram.

2 obsessions

  • trying holiday teas & coffee: i'm a total sucker for seasonal stuffs! 
  • coffee tumblers: i've accumulated a small collection of travel tumblers (which is great, since i tend to spill). i'm making them part of my writing ritual by only using them during my morning writing sessions. 

1 looking forward to

  • traveling: we've got holiday travels coming up to visit family. time to start stocking up on books to read on the plane!

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