Sunday, March 29, 2015 march 2015

3 memories

  • updating my home office: my workspace was in dire need of updating. (not to mention cleaning!)
  • buying girl scout cookies: the spousebot likes samoas. i'm all about the tag-a-longs!
  • visit to the garden center: my home office update included a couple of new plant friends. here's hoping they thrive!
2 obsessions
  • my word processor: i've been hemming & hawing over getting one for ages. i'm so glad i did! it's ideal if, like me, you lose focus and find yourself caving to perfectionism. mine is an alphasmart neo which i found via eBay (tip: search for one that comes with a cord for easy porting)
  • tycho: i love lyricless music for writing, especially ambient electronica. 
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