Tuesday, June 30, 2015

month.in.review: june 2015

3 memories

  • vacation!: the spousebot and i spent a handful of days on hawaii's big island, exploring, eating, and, in my case, taking an obscene amount of naps
  • ascending mauna kea: hawaii's tallest mountain (14000ft) is home to the world's largest telescopes & incredible views of the night sky
  • the #amwritingchallenge on instagram: i didn't participate everyday, but i enjoyed seeing all the posts and feeling lots of love from the writing community
2 obsessions
  • fantasy life: such a fun game! i liked the hunter job the best.
  • thriller novels: something about being on vacation makes me crave fast pacing, smart detectives, and heinous villains
1 looking forward to
  • the spousebot & i celebrating our 5th anniversary!

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