Thursday, February 2, 2017 jan 2017

It's been so long since I updated the blog! I took a long break from blogging because I get into these perfectionist pits where I pressure myself to the point of panic followed by abandoning everything. 


Anyway, going to ease back into the blogging game because I really do love it. It's a fun way for me to look back on what I did/read/ate/avoided during the month. 

So here we go!


* crazy weather here in San Diego, lots of rain and a day where some serious hail came down
* joined the RWA, finally! 
* went to the big farmer's market up in Hillcrest. when you imagine farmer's markets and look at pictures, they seem so charming and laid back. IRL, it's elbowing mom-types out of the way so I can get to the good broccoli 


* soup! liquidy goodness. I can't handle dairy, so I've been using boiled potatoes, pureeing them stock. makes a delicious, creamy, rich base for any soup without cream/milk. 


Everything I read this month was. So. Good. 

I'm so glad I pushed myself to read THE HANDMAID'S TALE. It was hard for me. The book made me tense and uncomfortable, and I read it at snail's pace. But it was worth it. I still find myself thinking about parts of it long after I've finished it. It's an important book, a must-read. 


I'm gearing up for the Pitch Madness Contest, hosted by Brenda Drake! I'm hoping to enter my NA/Adult futuristic/sci-fi, superhero inspired romance. Good luck to everyone entering!

Here's to a great February!

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