Likes: coffee | warm weather | Korean food

Weakness: mornings

Hobbies: reading | gaming | cooking

Special Skills: daydreaming

Background: Masters in Public Health | Bachelors in Psychology

Writing Experience: SCBWI member | 5th Place Writer's Digest 81st Annual Competition for Children's/YA Category; Honorable Mention for Horror Category | (College) Assistant Editor for 'Ramifications' Literary Magazine | (High School) 1st Place National Beta Club State Competition for Creative Writing

Currently Resides In: San Diego, California

10 Random Facts

  1. I'm married to a Navy sailor (affectionately called The Spousebot), but we've also been best friends since high school. So far, we've lived in Georgia, Illinois, Hawaii, and now California. We're that dorky couple cracking each other up and getting intense about Mario Kart.
  2. I love & write spec fic, especially fantasy. I read my first fantasy book as a kid (Brian Jacque's Redwell series. I still have that copy!) and from there started devouring everything from classic sword & sorcery to horror. 
  3. I was an intern for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and followed that with a few years working in the nonprofit sector. 
  4. I love watching YouTube comedians. It's my favorite lazy Sunday morning activity.
  5. I've been to Dragon*Con several times, mostly to gawk and buy swag and stalk authors. I met two of my writer heroes, Richard Knaak and Margaret Weis, and nervous-giggled the entire time. 
  6. I worked a gazillion part-time jobs as a teen but my fave was clerking at a video game store. Employee discount and testing out new games for free! 
  7. I'm allergic to everything. When I stay with friends, I have to send them this huge list of foods I can't eat.
  8. I was an avid Sailor Moon fan. It firmly cemented my love for anime and manga. 
  9. Name that nerdy high school club and I was probably in it. Marching band, Beta Club, Drama Club, AP classes!
  10. As a kid, my dream job was to grow up and be a Forensic Pathologist + FBI agent like Dana Scully from The X-files.

Contact: athenafranco(at)gmail.com

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